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movie reviews of what you rent and what you own
This isn't so much about us as what we've rented, though if you wanna share about yourself I've nothing against it. It always seemed to me it would be nice to read about things I might rent not from professional critics, who by nature criticize, but other normal people that just like watching movies.
  • Posts may have as much information as you like, though specific details should be under LJ·cuts. Anything under one should be assumed to be spoilers.

  • Include the name of the movie you watched so I can put it in the tags so as to make it easier to find reviews of other members.

  • Any format of media the movies you rent are on may be reviewed here. I mean, even Hollywood Video barely carries any videos anymore and there's already talk of what will be the next thing after DVDs become obsolete.

Oh, about the background...there's just a lot of cheesy stuff out there.

How to make an LJ·cut:
replace the ( & ) with < & >

(lj-cut text="Spoilers!")text or pic you're putting within here(/lj-cut)

One more thing: Given the number of rental places have massive sales of their stock every so often, to make room for new stuff, and a lot of people rent stuff to see if they'd like to buy it...you may also review movies you own here if you wish.

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